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Creating Effective Learners


We want all the children who leave Victoria Park to have developed an enthusiasm for life-long learning.

We believe that some of the best teaching and learning happens when adults interact with children during their play.  Children are naturally motivated when they are involved in activities of their own choosing and when skilled adults join them they can model language, explain, demonstrate, explore, question, encourage the development of ideas and set challenges – planning next steps for the child’s learning as they play.



Our aim at Victoria Park is to support children to become effective learners.  The Early Years Foundation Stage calls these skills “characteristics of effective learning” and they are

  • Playing and exploring
  • Active learning
  • Creative thinking and thinking critically

By teaching these skills in a play-based context, we hope our children will leave Victoria Park with high levels of curiosity, concentration, independence and resilience, ready to achieve well in the next stage of their education.


Our curriculum statement can be downloaded by clicking on the document to the right.

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