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Outdoor Play

The Importance of Outdoor Play:

Spending time in the outdoors is vitally important for young children and we feel particularly lucky to have such a large and well stocked garden at Victoria Park Nursery School. We embrace our British climate, and the garden is open all day and in all weathers – there are plenty of waterproofs for the children to wear on rainy days!

Government advice is that the under 5s should spend at least 3 hours each day doing physical activity, and research has shown that play-based activity provides a much wider movement experience than organised sport. Our garden gives children a chance to challenge their whole bodies through digging, pulling, carrying, running, jumping, climbing and swinging.   Outside, the children can express themselves in a loud and noisy way and get involved in large-scale creative and collaborative play. Being in the garden also allows a connection to the weather, seasons and natural world that is really important for the children’s sense of wellbeing.