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The Importance of Outdoor Play:

Spending time in the outdoors is vitally important for young children and we feel particularly lucky to have such a large and well stocked garden at Victoria Park Nursery School. We embrace our British climate, and the garden is open all day and in all weathers – there are plenty of waterproofs for the children to wear on rainy days!

Government advice is that the under 5s should spend at least 3 hours each day doing physical activity, and research has shown that play-based activity provides a much wider movement experience than organised sport. Our garden gives children a chance to challenge their whole bodies through digging, pulling, carrying, running, jumping, climbing and swinging.   Outside, the children can express themselves in a loud and noisy way and get involved in large-scale creative and collaborative play. Being in the garden also allows a connection to the weather, seasons and natural world that is really important for the children’s sense of wellbeing.

Areas for indoor Play:

Our indoor space contains a wide range of resources, grouped into smaller areas which make it easy for the children to access what they need. Many of the resources are placed to encourage floor play, which is beneficial to the children’s physical development. We have a large home corner, a well-stocked library and space for painting, junk modelling and block play. We have water and sand trays and a table for dough or clay and resources to promote mathematical development and writing and pre-writing skills. Each Key Group has its own space for welcome times and singing or story time.