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Registering your Child

Children can start in the main Nursery School in the term after they are 3 years old, when they qualify for 15 hours a week of free early education.  The Government also provides funding for some 2 year olds to attend Nursery School – if this applies to you, your child will be able to come to Nursery free of charge for 5 sessions a week. We also welcome 2 year olds from families who wish to pay for their sessions – details of our charges for this are available by clicking here (list of charges).  Our places for families qualifying for the new “30 hours” scheme are very limited, and we advise you to enquire about this well in advance.

We usually have spaces for the children who want them, but always advise that you apply well in advance of when you want your child to start with us.  If we have more children on the waiting list than there are places, we apply the criteria listed in our Admissions Policy.  You can download the policy by clicking on the link below.

You can call into the office for an application pack or download and complete the form below. Please note that we will need to see a copy of your child’s birth certificate before confirming that we can provide a place for them.

Settling in at Nursery School

We like to ensure that every child has a good transition from home to Nursery so for this reason, we admit the children at the start of each term.  We set aside time to complete a home visit and arrange a quiet session at Nursery School when you can have a settling in visit with your child.

Online Registration

If you would like to register your child online, please complete the form below.  Pressing “send” at the end of the form will email it to our office.  We will need to see a copy of your child’s birth certificate before we can complete their registration.  Please follow up your online registration with a phone call – as due to a website glitch they are not getting to us 100% of the time.  We have paper copies in the school office if you’d prefer.

Admissions Policy 2017

1. Parent/Carer




2. Second Parent/Carer (If Applicable)





White BritishIrishTravellerBangladeshiIndianAfricanPakistaniBlack CaribbeanChineseMixed BackgroundOtherI do not with my ethnic group to be recorded


We can claim if you are in receipt of any of the following benefits: Income Support, Income based JSA, support from the National Asylum Support Svce, Universal Credit or Child Tax Credit (but not entitled to working tax credit) and have an income of less than £16,190 as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs. We can also claim if your child has been looked after by the local authority for at least 1 day or has been adopted. If you are a serving member of HM Forces, your child will also qualify. If you are unsure if we can claim and would like us to check your eligibility, please ask at the School office

YesNoPrefer not to say

Offsite Activities

We like to take the children out of school on local visits, for example to look at the park or into town in connection with their activities in Nursery. We would be grateful if you would sign below to give us permission to take your child on such visits. Children will always be accompanied by an appropriate number of staff. If this is not signed, we are unable to take your child with us.

I give permission for my child to go on local outings from Victoria Park Nursery School

Data Protection:

The details of parents/carers names and addresses in the admissions register are normally confidential and are protected under the Data Protection Act. All schools are required to collect this information, which will be used only for the needs of education and not released for any other purpose.